Barcelona 2

We ride in Barcelona. We are preparing to open an office in Spain. We are talking about our repeater to surprised motorcyclists) But this is the first version of the prototype that we did not put into production … At the moment we are working on the third version, which is just being prepared for […]

Hola Barcelona 1

The Red Cat has arrived in Spain! We test and show the previous version of the prototype of our repeater. We are preparing a completely new version of the repeater for production! But more on that a little later…

ARCTIC 15 STARTUP Forum So the ARCTIC 15 STARTUP Forum, held in Helsinki on June 7 and 8, 2022, made a noise. Our team presented our Red Cat project there. Our stand with the presented Repeater H1, was recognized as the brightest)) We installed not only a real motorcycle on the stand, but also presented previous prototypes of […]

Red Cat Repeater H1 Duet

This is how our repeater works. You can change to another bike with the Red Cat and everything will work. In the meantime, we are in the queue to receive electronic components to start production of our repeater.


At the beginning of June 2022, our entire team took part in the ARCTIC15 Startup Forum, which was held in Helsinki (Finland). We presented our company Red Cat and our developments of repeaters of light signals of vehicles on the driver’s equipment (for non-motorized vehicles). At the end of the Forum, we took a ride […]