About Red Cat

The mission of Red Cat is to create devices that give you an additional safety

An idea of creating repeaters of light indicating signals on equipment as additional safety systems for motorcyclists was born in 2016...

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Once, when the author of this idea and the founder of the Company, Mr. Yan Filyarovskiy started riding a motorcycle, he has miraculously avoided a nasty accident due to his invisibility in the darkness. Then, he realized that one of the main causes of crashes involving motorcycles, is the fact that the riders are almost invisible on the road in the evening and at night

After the Internet research, he was surprised to find out such devices are already present on the market, and several gadgets were purchased. Advertisements were promising to make a rider more noticeable on the road by repeating of motorcycle signals on the rider’s equipment.

Unfortunately, it turned out the devices didn’t work nor worked as they should to… They worked more likely as multi-coloured lights of a light organ for the music 🙂

It was obvious that such a device should be wireless, bright, work synchronously with a motorcycle, and be able to work for a long in a stand-alone mode. None of the devices appeared to be like this. The only solution was to create such a device.

At first, he began working on an implementation of this task on his own, and gradually like-minded people joined him, becoming a team. We’ve got a huge number of ideas, so we plunged headlong into this work.


In the spring of 2017, we created a moto-helmet with built-in LEDs, showing the STOP-signal, left- and right-turn indicating signals, and white running lights.


The main part of our technology is the wireless transmission of motorcycle signals to signal repeaters on the equipment.

(for more details visit Design Features and Technical Characteristics)

It was extremely important to make the device working like a Swiss watch – reliably and synchronously with all the light indicating signals of the motorcycle. This gives an additional safety to a motorcyclist and doesn’t confuse the rest of the motorists on the road. Later, we came up with the idea of encrypting signals for our devices.

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The main task was to implement the idea at a high technical level, only then we were interested in its shape and design.

We began to develop this idea for the other parts of the motorcyclist’s equipment as well – for a jacket, vest, trousers, and a backpack.

For this reason, we created the electronic studio Customberry for upgrading motorcycle equipment with our technology and devices.

Improving technical specifications, we created a large number of prototypes, coming up with new areas of their usage. We tested all our devices ourselves in difficult conditions for better understanding all the pros and cons of the developed gadgets.



After re-branding in 2018, the Company is called "Resident".

We’ve received very positive feedback and got an understanding that solution of the problem of poor visibility on the road gets increasing demand of motorcyclists and road service specialists year by year. We decided to expand our business with a small-scale manufacturing-line of some products.

Under this name, we managed to take a part of international motorcycle exhibitions and international motorcycle festivals. Our devices are tested not only by our team members, but also by motorsport professionals, famous riders, and journalists.

In 2018, Yan Filyarovskiy ‘defended’ and was granted the Russian Patent for the invention of the System of Repeaters of Light Indicating Signals. Currently, it is underway to obtain international patents in the USA and the EU.

The Patent defending has led to increased interest to this project, and therefore as a result – to an establishing of a design bureau and a Company, engaged into development of innovative solutions for personal protection of people in different areas of their activities.

Gradually, the team of like-minded people and professionals in various fields of science, engineering, electronics, design, clothing manufacture, and business was built.


In 2019, the "Red Cat" was registered as a brand.

The trademark of the Company is a cat. The beauty, grace, dexterity, alert, the ability to see in the darkness, and to be visible in the dark (glowing of cat’s eyes) – all these qualities of the animal are directly embodied into the name of the Company and into the products, which it creates…
The main field of the Company’s activity is still the development of repeaters of light indicating signals of motorcycles on the rider’s equipment.
We focus on creating a mass product that will become the basis for the further development of our Company. The Repeater for Helmet of a motorcyclist is such a product.
And we started to prepare a large-scale factory production.
During the year, we worked on the construction of industrial design and created six varieties of the device.
And in 2019, we registered a patent for the industrial design of our devices in many countries around the world.
For the spring of 2020, we prepared the first device for production to start. It is given the name Repeater H-1 (repeater for helmet). And we are ready to introduce it to the World.
The production of this device is going to launch in the European Union with using all the latest technologies and materials, quality control, and obtaining all the necessary certificates.
Currently, the main office of the Red Cat brand is located in Estonia, in the environmentally friendly and picturesque suburb of Tallinn.
The “World Premiere” of Repeater H-1 was scheduled to the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (Inventions de Genève), in the spring of 2020. We have been preparing for it for a long time. But in connection with the current situation of the global coronavirus pandemic, the Exhibition was postponed and our premiere had to be re-scheduled for the autumn of 2020. We are doing our best to launch the production-line of our Repeater H-1 by the autumn. And just now, you have got the opportunity to order this unique device! So, you know how it all started and what we managed to achieve for giving you the additional safety and new sensations of comfort while riding along the road.

And this is only the beginning...